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At VI Debt Recovery we appreciate both the significance of personal relationships and the fragile nature of them.

Therefore, we use the more perspicuous method to successfully recover your debt but still continue to maintain a good relationship between you and your debtor.
So if you're sick of empty promises of reimbursement or lengthy legal proceedings that often lead to little, why not consider calling us today for a non-compulsory consultation.



What is soft collections?
Soft collections are a term used to describe the collection of bad debt by means other than legal action. This process is implemented before legal action is instituted as a last effort to collect monies due quicker and at a lower cost.
Terms and conditions for soft collections:
  • 1.“No Collection No Fee” – if we cannot collect your money during soft collection phase, you do not have to pay any fees, we will give the file back to you without any charge. There is only one exception, if you withdraw the file from us before the debtor made any payments, you will be liable for our collections cost. Also see point 4 below.
  • 2. You as the client will receive the amount handed over as reflected on your statement, we will charge the cost and commission to the debtor.
  • 3. When a debtor is wrongfully handed over for collections and the file must be withdrawn, you as the client will be liable to pay our fees within 7 days of receiving our invoice.
  • 4. When a debtor is wrongfully handed over for collections and the file must be withdrawn, you as the client will be liable to pay our fees within 7 days of receiving our invoice.
  • 5. When we struggle to collect the money during the soft collection phase, we will not keep the file for longer than 90 days after receiving the hand over mandate. We will make sure that you can go the Legal route if you would like to..

What is legal action?
The act of using a lawyer or a court to help settle a disagreement, etc. that you have with a person or an organization:
Terms and conditions for Legal action:
  • 1. The option to take the matter on to legal action, is entirely up to you as the client.
  • 2. You as the client can use your own attorney to take legal action on your behalf.
  • 3. If you choose VI Debt Recovery to assist you with the legal action, we must get written confirmation from you as the client.
  • 4. VI Debt Recovery will hand over the matter to our attorney and manage the process for you.
  • 5. You as the client is responsible for the cost of the legal action and attorney fees. VI Debt Recovery will pay the legal fees but invoice you within 7 days after paying the invoice.

What is Vehicle & Asset Recoveeries
The services include but are not limited to:

1.Collections(Day to Day)
  • The bidder has a high success rate in making undertakings to pay, promises to pay and following up on the undertakings and ensuring these arrangements are kept.

  • 2.Tracing
  • The bidder has extensive knowledge in internal tracing, drawing from experience and making use of information at hand (credit applications etc.), electronic databases (Facebook etc.) credit bureaus (the bidder has access to the 3 major credit bureaus databases) and other lenders as well as account holders..

  • 3.Procurement of documents
  • The bidder is experienced in the collection of documents, information and reporting related to deceased estates, liquidations, insolvencies, debt review and insurance claims, liens and customer rehabilitation.

  • 4.Visitations and Recovery of assets: (Late Stage / Legal)
  • The bidder also provides the service of visits to confirm addresses, procuring undertakings and rehabilitation documents, third party information, inspections, photos and recovery.

  • Consumer Debt Collecting

    Commercial Debt Collecting

    Tracking & Tracing

    Default listing

    Full Legal Process

    Monthly Reporting


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