Terms & Conditions

VI Debt Recovery will not charge you any collection fees, our direct cost will be charged to the debtors account. We also work on a: ”NO COLLECTION, NO FEE” basis. But, if you withdraw the file from VI Debt Recovery before the debtor has made any payments, you will be held liable for the collection fees.

If the client makes payment directly to you, please contact us and inform VI Debt Recovery for the correct settlement balance, the payment must include our collection fees. If you fail to(Not include) our fees, you will be held liable to pay our fees. Our fee will not be deducted from your distribution, you will receive a cost to company invoice from VI Debt Recovery. Failing to adhere to this will give PC the right to invoice you ( client ) not only for cost to the company but for the commission ( percentage agreed upon ) as well

It’s your responsibility to inform VI Debt Recovery of any payments made directly to you.

If the file must be handed over for legal action and the matter is opposed by the debtor, we will first ask for your permission to proceed with the legal process. Please note: you will be liable for the attorney fees and all relating legal fees, should this matter not be successful in court, or you as the client decide to withdraw from the case.

While all reasonable steps and measures are taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information, no liability or responsibility whatsoever is accepted if information or data is corrupted or does not reach its intended recipients/destination.

VI Debt Recovery will pay all legal fees in advance, so the first payments from the debtor will be used to recover these legal charges, before any distributions will be made.

VI Debt Recovery will:

Trace the debtor

Telephonic & written legal demand

Drafting and issuing summons

Obtaining a sentence

Issuing a garnishee order

Obtaining a warrant of execution

We will also provide you with a detailed customer report once a month


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