VI Debt Recovery understands what needs to be done to recover unpaid commercial debts, with more than a  decade of experience in corporate debt recovery and financial industry. We understand these partnerships, Both personal and corporate,  are delicate in nature and must be handled with care and calculation.  It guarantees full rehabilitation whilst helping to maintain existing ties. We believe you should understand your legal rights when it comes to delays in payments which can eventually lead to unpaid debt. Payments should be received in a time-critical manner since business operations depend on a smooth and steady cash flow process.  If you have trouble recovering overdue accounts and outstanding debts, consult our professionals today at VI Debt Recovery.

Corporate Debt Recovery Process

Stage 1

At this initial stage, your Case Manager will liaise with our Collection Officers and in-house debt analysts to analyse your specific case to determine the most appropriate method of recovery. Recovery methods at this stage will usually involve carefully targeted telephone call. In the event that a debtor cannot be found, we will conduct a free search to locate the whereabouts of the debtor.

Stage 2

In the event that the debt is not recovered at Stage 1, your Case Manager will liaise with you in regard to the next stage of the collection process. We will ascertain each individual case and seek further instructions from you and suggest an appropriate course of action.Usually at this stage, a carefully crafted letter of demand will be sent out.

Stage 3

Most debtors would settle their debts by Stage 2. If they haven’t, we would send our professional debt collectors to their business premises or place of residence to chase up on the outstanding debt.


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